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2022 Wedding Dress Trends We Love

2022 Wedding Dress Trends We Love

Wedding dress fashion in 2022 has some exciting styles in store for bribes to be. Here at Love, we’ve got you covered on the newest fashion trends, with fresh bridal looks that will turn heads. 

In this blog, we will display the most popular 2022 dress trends we absolutely love! Let’s dive in.


If you follow current fashion trends in skirts and dresses, you may have noticed the rush of the ruffles. And joyfully, ruffles have also made their way into wedding gown fashion. 

The 2022 ruffle trend consists of light frills that cascade down the skirt portion of the dress, which adds dimension to the streamlined appearance of the dress. 

Ruffles are great for brides wanting to add a little volume to their look without having to go full ball gown! There are so many ruffle options right now, that you are sure to encounter some on your dress quest.

Short Wedding Dress

2022 is the year of crushing tradition. With this said, we’ve noticed a rise in short wedding gowns and we’re not mad about it! 

Short gowns allow the bride to enjoy easier mobility and create an out-of-the-box look, almost causal look. 

This being said, if you have been dreaming of a long gown, the short dress could come in as a perfect look for the wedding reception or bridal shower!

Pants Suit

Like Kristen Stewart at the 2022 Oscars, ditching the traditional skirt bottom for pants may raise a few brows, but definitely in a striking way that screams “iconic”. 

If a gown has never been on your bridal agenda, the rise of the bridal pants suit is sweeping the 2022 bridal trends. 

The pants option is fabulous for brides looking for something sleek and comfortable. Like the short dress, the pants option offers more mobility without dismissing chic style and grace. 

You can often find a variety of bridal jumpsuit/pants options, for instance, different necklines, cropped tops or pants length. This allows the bride to really hone in on their personal style and make an unforgettable fashion statement at their celebration.

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