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3 Benefits of Shopping Local for Your Wedding Dress

3 Benefits of Shopping Local for Your Wedding Dress

Shopping local for your wedding dress has it perks. Not only do you lend a hand in supporting the local economy, but you open yourself up to the opportunity of finding a one-of-a-kind piece made by a local designer. These are just a couple of the advantages of shopping local, keep reading the learn some more!

You get in tune with the community

Odds are, you have shopped local before. Whether it be cruising through the weekend farmer’s market or popping into your favorite non-name brand coffee shop, you are doing it all the time! 

When it comes to shopping for your wedding dress, staying local gives you the opportunity to explore the riches and talent of your community.

You learn more about the designers, and in turn can spread the news about what’s available in your town. It cements new traditions, encourages socializing within the community, and establishes the very cultural fabric that makes your area unique.

At Love, we proudly display Florida wedding dress designers in our store, giving brides the chance to find rare styles they won’t see anywhere else.


Shopping local eliminates the stress of long travel for that perfect dress. Some brides get lucky and say ‘yes’ to the dress on their first shot, but it’s normal to have multiple fittings or alterations to get it just perfect. 

When you shop local, you no longer have to worry about the miles trekked to those fittings. Your appointments will be able to ‘fit’ right into your busy schedule when your bridal boutique is right in your back yard.

An intimate and personalized experience

There’s just something special about going to a small bridal boutique as opposed to a large, national franchise. Weddings are intimate and special; your dress shopping experience should be as well. When you shop local, it’s not a standard “one-shoe-fits-all” process. You are treated like a human being, or better yet- as part of a family! 

Your bridal consultant knows you and your story, they take the time to have a deeper understanding of your personal style and  take the time to make sure your experience is tailored to your needs. This way, you can feel seen and valued as a bride-to-be..

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