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4 Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping While Pregnant

4 Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping While Pregnant

When you are a bride-to-be and mother-to-be the pressure of finding the right wedding dress might intensify. Luckily, you have nothing to fear! There are plenty of beautiful and flattering styles designed for brides who are expecting. 


Here are 4 tips to consider for wedding dress shopping with a baby on board.

Communicate With Your Bridal Boutique


The first way to ensure an easy shopping experience while pregnant is to call your bridal shop prior to your appointment and let them know your desires and worries. 


Don’t be afraid to open up and be honest about your expectations. This way, your consultant will be able to gather a selection of maternity gowns or pull a range of sizes to ensure you feel comfortable.

The Right Silhouette and Fit

After talking to your bridal consultant, you may want to start doing a little bit of your own research on your favorite styles and fit. 


Some brides want to make their baby bump the star of the ceremony, while others prefer a more inconspicuous fit. Either way, there are tons of options to bring your vision to life. 


If you plan on showcasing your bump, ask your consultant about Mermaid or Sheath silhouettes. Both of these dress styles effectively accentuate curves or in this case your bun in the oven! 


If the bump isn’t something you necessarily want to spotlight, look into Empire Waist gowns. This style provides a loose, comfortable fit. 

Fabrics and Sizing


Alongside the silhouette, making sure you and your baby are encased in a comfortable fabric is the next priority on your quest to find the right dress. 


Depending on how far out the wedding is, consider that your body will be changing in size. To counter this, talk to your bridal consultant about sizing up from your initial appointment to your final fitting. 


You should also think about the type of fabric you’d like to be wearing on your wedding day. Consider picking a fabric that can grow and adapt with your body, giving you the most support and comfort. 


No Limits


One more important thing to remember is you don’t have to limit yourself to maternity dresses! 


During your fitting, let your bridal consultant know that you are open to options outside of the maternity selection. You can always work on the dress with alterations until it fits right for you. 


You DO have the tools to make your dream dress a reality, and at Love, we have the expertise to guide you!

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