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4 Winter Wedding Dress Accessories That Will Keep You Cozy

4 Winter Wedding Dress Accessories That Will Keep You Cozy

Put. The. Puffy. Jacket. Away.

I repeat: You do not need to sacrifice your stunning winter wedding day look by adorning a casual puffer jacket! If your wedding is taking place during the months when temperatures drop low, then it can seem tricky to achieve the look you want while staying comfortable and warm

The good news is, with a few key accessories factored in, you can have it all! There are a multitude of unique accessories to choose from that will make any dress stand out and provide that extra layer of warmth you need for that outdoor wedding photo shoot in the cold.

Check out our list of wedding dress accessory favorites.

Faux fur

Luscious faux fur isn’t just for stoles and jackets anymore. With big name designers adding a hint of fur to everything, from shoes to bags, you can dive right into the fuzz and play around with the look to make it all yours. Going for vintage-vibes? Looking to make a statement? Faux fur stoles are both unique and timeless, especially if you dare to wear a strapless gown on your big day. It keeps you warm without covering up too much of the dress. You can even get loud with funky colors that stray from the classic brown fur.


There’s no doubt about it- winter evokes a sense of romance and serenity. It doesn't get too cold in Florida, but it's still chilly enough to have fun with unique pieces- like a cape. Capes pair perfectly with flowing wedding dresses, especially if you're looking for classic elegance or something different than the typical jacket.

Denim Jacket

For the laid-back beach babe or country girl-at-heart, a cool denim jacket is the wardrobe essential that goes with everything. And, since it doesn't get too cold in Florida, you can rock denim without worrying about freezing. It's also a budget friendly option, since you can wear it year round with any outfit. You might already have a denim jacket that you can bring to your dress appointment, to play around with looks as you try on dresses.


Don’t forget to have a pair of comfortable boots on hand, especially if you will have an outdoor photo shoot. Walking back and forth from your venue in the outdoors is no fun when you have to subject your little toes to the chilly air in a pair of open-toe stilettos. Being able to change into cozy fur-lined boots or, if you're going for a boho look-cowboy boots or a simple leather ankle cut, then you'll be able to enjoy your day without destroyed shoes and frozen feet.

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