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5 Unique Ways to Incorporate Buttons on Your Wedding Dress

5 Unique Ways to Incorporate Buttons on Your Wedding Dress

Buttons are are a tiny detail that can actually have a huge impact on your overall bridal look. But are buttons for you? 

With buttons, the style possibilities are endless. From delicate back details to functional accents, here are 5 creative ways to incorporate buttons into your bridal ensemble.

Go Sexy With a Button-Adorned Back

A row of delicate buttons trailing down the back of your wedding dress can create a breathtaking focal point. 

Whether placed over a sheer fabric panel or directly on the dress, or a line of buttons running down the seat from a plunging back, the back placement of buttons keeps eyes chasing you as you walk down the aisle.

Buttoned Sleeves for the Vintage Bride

If your dress features sleeves, consider adding buttons along the length. This is a great way to achieve that vintage look if you’re going for 1920s glam, or even draping “Greek goddess” sleeves held up by intricate buttons.

If your dress features long sleeves, consider buttoned cuffs. This detail adds a refined touch to your sleeves and can be customized with intricate or ornate buttons.

Buttons for the Functional Bride

Her wedding dress is beautiful, but also thoughtful when it comes to how she can use it on her wedding…

When functional bride meets buttons, sparks fly! Buttons on a gown can make it easier to dress or undress, especially if you’re wearing a bustle or long train that can make mobility a challenge. 

Another neat trick is to add discreet pockets to your dress adorned with buttons. This fusion of functionality and style can be both charming and convenient, allowing you to carry a few essentials with you.

A Sensual Buttoned Illusion Neckline

Combine the beauty of illusion fabric with buttons to craft an enchanting neckline. The buttons can dot the sheer material, offering a subtle embellishment that draws attention to your upper body.

Buttoned Waist & Bodice

Enhance your waistline with buttons that cinch your dress elegantly. This design can accentuate your curves while adding a touch of vintage glamour.

Or you can incorporate buttons into the bodice of your dress as an embellishment for a striking effect. Buttoned bodices can range from subtle to bold, depending on your preference.

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