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6 Ways to Elegantly Incorporate Bows Into Your Bridal Look

6 Ways to Elegantly Incorporate Bows Into Your Bridal Look

So what’s the deal with bows? These delicate and versatile embellishments can add a touch of grace, sophistication, and playfulness to any wedding gown! 

If you're a bride-to-be looking to infuse your wedding dress with a dash of romantic flair, here are 6 creative ways to wear bows on your special day.

The Dramatic Back Bow 

Bo Peep, step aside! One of our favorite ways to keep eyes lingering on a wedding dress it to exit with a large, elegant bow adorning the back of your gown! 

Waist Embrace

Instead of a belt, cinch your waist with the sweetest bow! This classic style accentuates your curves, perfect for gowns with a tighter bodice and flared skirt.

Shoulder & Sleeve Sweet Spot

For a modern twist, consider placing a dainty bow on one shoulder strap. This asymmetrical placement adds a touch of whimsy and can be the perfect choice for a summer garden wedding.

If your dress features sleeves, embellish them with miniature bows at the cuffs. This detail adds a hint of romance to your overall look.

Neckline Elegance

Enhance your gown's neckline with a delicate bow nestled at the base of a plunging V-neck or adorning a high neckline. This detail draws attention upwards and frames your face beautifully. It also softens the sexiness of s deep plunge.

Dreamy Skirt

Elevate a minimal skirt by attaching bows along the hemline or at intervals along the length of the dress. This unique placement creates movement and visual appeal with every step down the aisle.

Functional Train

Amplify the drama of your train by fastening a bow at the point where it attaches to the gown. 

Not only does this add a touch of grandeur as you glide down the aisle, but when you are ready to hit the dance floor you can remove the train via the bow for easier mobility. 

This is the same idea for a bustle. If your dress has a detachable train, consider placing bows strategically to hold the train in a bustled position. 

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