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8 Tips For Wearing a Backless Wedding Dress

8 Tips For Wearing a Backless Wedding Dress

Contemplating a sexy backless dress for your wedding? When worn correctly, it’s a statement that lets the natural curves and movements of your back captivate the room. We share our 8 best tips to ensure you get the perfect fit!

1. If you go backless with a buster shape: You may need some extra support or boning around the back area to enhance the overall fit.

2. Count on straps: What do you love more, a strapless dress or a low back? It’s best to choose one or the other because a low-back dress needs straps to ensure it stays up correctly.

3. Don’t forget to exfoliate: Keep your skin fresh and glowing by exfoliating regularly using your favorite body scrub. If you sweat easily, shower immediately after your workouts to keep your pores unclogged.

4. Is there gaping? When you try on backless gowns, pay attention to if there is any gaping. Sit down, bend over, and lean forward/backward to see how the dress moulds to your body shape. 

5. Choosing the right bra: A lot of times backless dresses will have padding or cups sewn into the chest area, but for added support, you can wear adhesive silicone cups or a multi-way bra.

6. Keep the emergency tape on hand: If you’re worried about gaping you can always stick on some tape to stop the dreaded “side boob” in its tracks.

7. Watch that seam: There’s a fine line between sexy and racy, and if you bend over and your derriere peeks out from your low-back dress, that may be a bit much. Check the seam when trying on dresses and you can add a bit of coverage with romantic lace trim.

8. Show it off: Choose a hairstyle that keeps the attention on your back. Any upstyle will do the trick, or if you want to elongate your neck, go for a ballerina bun. Set on keeping your hair down? Try soft vintage waves and style your hair so it falls to the side.

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