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A Complete Guide to Wedding Dress Necklines

A Complete Guide to Wedding Dress Necklines


When shopping for a wedding dress there are many details to consider, from the fabric to the appliques and whether or not you want’s a bride to choose?


Fortunately, your bridal consultant at Love will be able to guide you accordingly. Plus, doing your own research on different types of wedding dress styles can help make the daunting process of finding the right one a little easier


In this post, we’ve created a guide on wedding dress necklines. It’s a beautiful area that draws attention, and there are so many creative and unique designs to make your look truly yours.

Sweetheart Neckline


Just as the name implies, the Sweetheart neckline is strapless, following the curves of your chest with a sensual dip in the front to create a heart shape. 


This neckline is great for supporting your bust or creating the illusion of soft curves. This neckline is feminine, flirty, and fun- especially when paired with a skirt. 


Pro Tip: If you are naturally VERY busty, strapless gowns can be difficult to wear. If you love the look, we recommend attaching straps for added support.

Portrait Neckline

With a wide-sweeping neckline that sits on the edge of your shoulders, the Portrait neckline accentuates the collar bones in a beautiful way, while perfectly framing your face. 


This type of neckline also offers as great support for ladies with larger busts.

Plunging Neckline


If you are looking for your goddess moment, the sexy, Plunge neckline is calling your name. 


This daring neckline drops down...way down, exposing the center of your chest and stopping at your ribs. 


Most plunge dresses create the “nothing is there” illusion, however, it’s common to connect the bodice with sheer tulle fabric to keep the straps from slipping off your shoulders.

Bateau Neckline


With a hint of class, the Bateau neckline falls just below your collarbone, scooping wide to the shoulders. Also known as the Boatneck, the Bateau is a classic neckline that radiates elegance. 


Cowl Neckline


This trendy, flattering dress will have you looking like the fashion-forward bride. With its draped neckline that folds off the front and its micro-thin straps, the Cowl neckline is versatile, giving you a sexy bit of cleavage without overdoing it.  


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