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Expert Tips to Take Care of Your Silk Wedding Dress

Expert Tips to Take Care of Your Silk Wedding Dress

Silk is an incredible fabric that checks all of the boxes when it comes to the creation of a gorgeous wedding dress. It’s elegant, comfortable, and highly durable. It’s also naturally derived from insect larvae and mostly hypoallergenic.

It’s no wonder that silk is a bride-to-be favorite. However, does a silk wedding gown require special care compared to others?

In this post, we share the most important tips you need to know to ensure your dress is kept in pristine condition.

Can You Wash a Silk Wedding dress in the Washing Machine?

Washing your pure silk gown by hand or in a machine gets a hard no from us. This luxurious fabric can be damaged, and it’s just not worth the risk. 

However, if you’re dress is made of a non-pure silk, it may be machine washable. It’s important to note the manufacturer’s instructions, but bear in mind that non-pure silk tends to lose it’s luster over time, becoming dull.

The best course of action would be to let a professional undertake the cleaning. At Love, we recommend Oceanside Cleaners to Jacksonville brides. They’ll handle your silk gown with the utmost care and return in mint condition.

Remember to have your dress professionally washed as soon as possible after your wedding day, as stains are most successfully removed when they are still fresh.

Can a Silk Wedding Dress go Inside a Dryer?

Don’t do it! The heat can cause the garment to shrink or the fabric can lose it’s sheen and softness.

How to Store a Silk Wedding Dress

To preserve your lovely silk gown, it’s best to keep it loosely folded inside a box, wrapped in acid-free paper.

Keep the box away from sunlight and dust, in a cool dark place that is out of reach from pets and children.

It’s also important to protect it from liquids made with alcohol, such as perfume or hairspray. This can damage the fabric. 

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