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Fall 2023 Wedding Dress Trends for the Autumn Bride

Fall 2023 Wedding Dress Trends for the Autumn Bride

Autumn weddings are so much fun! When it comes to bridal style, brides get to play around with rich, warm colors, accessories, and long-sleeved wedding dress silhouettes. 

If you're planning a fall wedding in 2023, you'll want a wedding dress that complements the season's unique charm. Here are our 8 favorite wedding dress trends for autumn brides in 2023.

Rich Jewel Tones

This fall, deep, luxurious jewel tones are making a statement, tempting modern brides to shy away from traditional white.

Consider wedding gowns in shades like emerald green, sapphire blue, or ruby red. These colors evoke the cozy and opulent feeling of the season.

Sleeves and Shawls

As the weather starts to cool down, autumn brides can opt for wedding dresses with sleeves or detachable shawls. 

Whether you are looking for a romantic, boho, or sensual look, you can bet there’s a sleeve for it. Keep it light with sheer sleeves that leave room for the imagination. Flowy bell sleeves or off-the-shoulder sleeves are also popular. If you’re not sure, there are detachable sleeves that offer flexibility between styles.

Shawls are a fun cooler weather accessory that can be handy for outdoor weddings or if you’re aiming for a vintage look. A warm faux fur shawl is great for making a statement while also keeping the bride warm.

Nature-Inspired Embroidery

Floral and leafy embroidery patterns continue to be in vogue. For autumn brides, consider wedding dresses adorned with autumnal motifs like maple leaves or blooming chrysanthemums. These details add a touch of natural beauty to your overall look.

Smooth Velvet Accents

Velvet is a quintessential fabric for fall. Incorporate it into your wedding dress without going overboard by accenting the bodice or sleeves with velvet belts or bows. The soft texture of velvet complements the warm, rich colors of fall.

High Necklines & Layered Skirts

For dress style, high necklines are making a comeback, giving brides a sophisticated and regal look. Combine this trend with lace or sheer fabrics for a sheer touch that can boost the sultry factor.

Tiered and layered skirts are also all the rage this fall. These dramatic skirts add volume and movement to your wedding dress, creating a sense of grandeur and elegance.

Remember, you can always opt for a detachable skirt, so it’s easy to remove when it’s time to dance and you need to move!

All About Vintage Vibes

Vintage-inspired wedding dresses are timeless and perfect for a fall wedding. Consider dresses with lace, tulle, or Victorian-era details for a touch of nostalgia.

Accessories such as shawls, capes, short veils or headpieces, and embellishments are fun to incorporate into your overall bridal look.

Boho & Outdoors Style

Bohemian-style wedding dresses remain popular in 2023. Flowing silhouettes, earthy tones, and relaxed designs are perfect for the autumn bride who wants a laid-back yet elegant look.

Accessorize with a wide-brimmed hat or flowers tucked into a hair comb. This is also a fun time to break out the boots if you’re having an outdoor wedding.

Pantsuits and Jumpsuits

Non-traditional wedding attire, like pantsuits and jumpsuits, is gaining popularity. These options are perfect for the modern autumn bride who wants to make a contemporary statement while staying warm in lieu of cooler weather.

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