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Helpful Tips for Wedding Dresses That Are Easy to Party in

Helpful Tips for Wedding Dresses That Are Easy to Party in

You might be looking forward to dancing the night away in celebration just as much as walking down the aisle. Or perhaps you and your hunny choreographed a funky dance down the aisle for a unique start to the ceremony.

Either way, it’s smart to think about what happens after the wedding ceremony. Some brides change into a more functional dress to party in and retire their wedding dress. Others opt for a wedding dress that can do it all.

If you’re planning to bust some big moves during the celebration and don’t want to worry about comfort, here are some tips to help you pick a wedding dress that can handle the fun.

Move Easier With Light Fabrics

Lighter is better if you really want to get down and party. Fabrics like tulle, charmeuse, and chiffon flow freely across the skin and also look amazing in photographs!

Thicker fabrics, such as brocade or silk mikado, tend to restrict movement and can make you feel too hot. 

Pay Attention to the Bustle

You might be caught between wanting a flowing train that turns heads down the aisle, but also wanting to nail that hip hop dance you’ve been practicing for months.

Unfortunately, trains aren’t dancefloor-friendly, but it doesn’t mean you have to pick and choose either. Opt for a bustle: a ribbon, or a button system that lifts the train for easier movement.

When trying on wedding dresses, remember to inquire about the bustling process, as each dress features a unique system.

Tight Isn’t Dancefloor Right

If you opt for a tighter dress style such as a mermaid gown, you might only be able to sway side to side on the dancefloor, which gets old fast.

The key is to let the knees be free, such as with an A-line gown or a ball gown style. If you’re dead set on that curvalicious mermaid gown, consider adding a side or back slit, which gives you more wiggle room to groove.

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