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How Many People Should I Bring to My Wedding Dress Appointment?

How Many People Should I Bring to My Wedding Dress Appointment?

You’re ready to jump right into shopping for wedding dresses, but you can’t do it without your trusted bride tribe by your side!

Bridal appointments are memorable for sure, in fact for many brides it’s a day they’ve dreamt about since childhood! The biggest thing that can throw your dream day finding you dress off

Too many people in a small space? Disagreements? Drama? These things can happen, and the more people you bring the higher chance. We all have different taste and opinions, and that is sure to play out during your appointment if you bring along a large group of people.

That’s why it’s a good idea to put some thought into who tags along with you at your wedding dress appointment. We’ve shared a few tips to help you figure out who to bring and who to celebrate with another way.

Talk to your bridal consultant

Start by drawing up an invite list of the friends and family members you would like with you while trying on gowns. Then give the bridal boutique you'll be visiting a call. Many stores do have a guest limit so finding that out before inviting everyone is well advised! Keep in mind guest limits can change depending on the day of the week. Saturday tends to be the busiest day of the week for every boutique. If you can come a weekday, chances are you'll be allowed to bring along more people.

Leave the guilt at the door

You shouldn’t feel obligated to bring certain individuals who you love, but might not be the support you need during your appointment. Think about how you want your appointment to feel. Do you want everyone to give brutally honest opinions or do you want your crew to be there to watch you find the dress you love, no matter how they feel about it? Neither of these things is wrong, it truly is important to think about what you want your appointment to be! 

If you want brutally honest opinions, your one friend who is really into fashion might be the best person to bring along. If you want quiet support and your group to be there for you to figure it out, she might be better left off the guest list.

If you're feeling guilty about not inviting some friends, you have an easy out! Tell them the bridal boutique you are visiting has a strict guest limit in place, and that you unfortunately won't be able to bring them along.

It doesn’t have to be extra

Popular TV shows and movies tend to make brides believe that finding their dress has to be complicated, take multiple stores, and that you need to bring along 10 people! Don't be fooled, ladies.

Many brides only visit one store, try on 5-8 dresses, and bring along 1-2 guests. Of course every bride is different, but finding your dress doesn't have to be complicated. Keep it simple, research the store you want to visit beforehand, and really consider who you're bringing.

One thing to keep in mind, is doing a first look with your bridesmaids can be VERY special! Saving that moment for the wedding day gives you something really fun to look forward to.

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