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How to Customize Your Wedding Dress

How to Customize Your Wedding Dress

So, you’ve found THE dress, but something just isn’t vibing right. It might be the train or the sleeves- if only you could make one teeny tiny change, then your wedding dress would be perfect…

Babes, it’s time to talk customization. This is when you want to change up the style of a dress by adding or taking away certain elements to suit your personal taste. It might seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re on a budget, but with the right guidance it can be a serious game changer. After all, your dream wedding dress might only be one small change away!

At Love, we can help you navigate the customization process step by step. In fact, we get customization questions all the time.

Some of our most common customization requests include...

  • Skirt/bodice swap: you like the bodice, but want to change the skirt for a different style, or vice versa. It can be done! 
  • Color change: Is the dress not the shade of white you envisioned? Or, you might want to add a bit of sparkle here or some more lace there? No problem.
  • Neckline change: This is a bit more intensive, but definitely possible. The back can be customized too, if you want it lowered or raised. 
  • Addition of straps/sleeves: If you don’t want a strapless dress, adding straps, caps or even full sleeves isn’t complicated. You can even make caps/sleeves detachable, so you get two looks in one!
  • Shorten/lengthen train: If you’re not about a long train, it can be shortened, or you can use a bustle to bunch up a long skirt for more fullness and ease of movement. For lengthening a train, there are some tricks to add some inches, such as adding a detachable piece.

And that’s not all... Nearly any other changes can be made by a seamstress once the dress arrives. Talk with us about your ideas and we’ll do everything we can to make them a reality.

As well, some of our designers offer in-house customization. That means you can customize your dress before placing the order, and it will arrive with the desired changes already in place!

These are our designers that offer in-house customization:


  • Robert Bullock
  • Martina Liana
  • Jack Sullivan
  • Flora Bridal

Don’t let customizing scare you! We’ll always be honest about what’s realistic and never suggest something we think would interfere with the construction and integrity of your gown.

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