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This is Why You Should Go For That Strapless Wedding Dress!

This is Why You Should Go For That Strapless Wedding Dress!

It’s like a scene out of a movie. The day of your dreams has finally arrived- your wedding day. It’s filled with laughter, celebration and hugging….but what you didn’t prepare for was your strapless wedding dress getting pulled down after that big bear hug from aunt Bertie.

This is a scenario we never want to occur, and it can be something that turns brides off to strapless wedding dresses altogether. But here at Love, things heat up in North Florida, and a strapless dress is a beach wedding favorite!

We're here to put the strapless worries to rest. You CAN rock that strapless style you've been crushing on without fail!

We'll tell you the tips that work and how our dresses are designed to stay in place.

Choose the best undergarments for your dress

This is something that your bridal consultant can help you with, but remember to ask if you’re going with a strapless number.

If you already have your undergarments, always bring them to all of your fittings to wear with your dress!

There are plenty of undergarment options to help keep every part of your dress in place, including:

  • Strapless bra
  • Spanx
  • Longline bustier
  • Corset

Strapless bra tips

Many women will make the mistake of buying a strapless bra that is too big. The trick is to size down to keep from tugging at the sides all day. 

Look for silicone grips along the sides, and pay attention to whether your dress has a plunging neckline or is backless, because there are different strapless bras specifically for these styles.

Ask your bridal consultant if it is possible to sew cups into your dress, so that nixes the bra altogether!

A professional fitting will help pinpoint dress issues

Your bridal consultant is there to notice the little details that you don’t when it comes to a perfect fit. Remember that you’re not the problem- it’s the dress! And thanks to a professional fitting and alterations you’ve got the best support to make your dress fit you just right.

A consultant will watch your movements as you try on dresses, zeroing-in on places that get tugged and pulled. They will focus on those specific areas to be fixed, so you don’t have to worry on your wedding day.

Don’t be afraid to speak up

A wedding dress appointment is fun, but it’s also serious business. When you try on dresses, shrug off any pressure and put the dress you love to the test. 

Don’t be shy- move around! Practice walking around, bending from the waist, raising your arms over your head and busting out some dance moves. You’ll get a feel for how the dress holds up in active situations.

At Love Bridal Boutique, we hand-pick our strapless gowns to ensure they offer enough support. That means they are meticulously designed with structuring built into the bodice for a snug fit that stays up!

Be prepared on your wedding day

If your big day is upon you and you’re still tugging at your strapless dress, have a little emergency kit on hand for a fast fix. Keep tape and safety pins on hand for those old-school tailor tricks that never fail in a pinch!

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