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How to Properly Store Your Wedding Dress Until the Big Day

How to Properly Store Your Wedding Dress Until the Big Day

Where does your wedding dress stay safe leading up to the big day? After the final dress fitting (which occurs anywhere from two weeks up to a few days before your wedding) and getting the green light from your tailor on the final fit , it’s time for storage. That doesn’t mean stuffing it into your closet. There is a standard procedure to keep a wedding dress pristine until your ceremony- here’s how to do it the right way. 

Check for hang straps

Hang straps might have us running for the scissors with our favorite casual wear, but when it comes to wedding dresses, they are an absolute necessity. Especially for heavier gowns, these little straps take the “hanging” pressure off a delicate neckline or lace straps, preventing stretching that results in a misshapen dress. Check for hang straps, and if they’re missing- just ask for them to be added.

Pack it away like a pro

How should your dress be packed up for storage? It will be wrapped in a bust form or tissue paper after being professionally pressed. Then, it will be enclosed in a plastic and fabric garment bag. It should also be hung by those nifty hang straps we mentioned above!

Dark, cool & dry

Be choosy with where to keep your dress. A crowded closet next to smelly sneakers isn’t ideal. As well, if you have kids or pets, your dress needs to be kept where curious tiny hands and paws with sharp claws can’t reach it. Keep your dress stored in a dark, cool and dry place, such as a second bedroom that doesn’t get much use.

Hang or lay?

There’s some debate about whether it’s best to hang or lay a wedding dress, so here’s the scoop. If your wedding is weeks away, hanging it is ok. If it’s months away or your dress is heavily laden with bead work or has a deep, open neckline, then lay it down flat where the sunlight can’t reach it to avoid discoloration and stretching.

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