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How to Protect Your Wedding Dress in Case of Rain

How to Protect Your Wedding Dress in Case of Rain

Did you know that rain symbolizes rebirth, clarity, and cleansing? As refreshing as that sounds, your wedding dress might feel soggy more than cleansed if caught in a rain shower!

During the summer months, rain is a part of daily life in warmer regions, Florida included. Weddings held during this season run the risk of getting a bit wet, but if you’re prepared, then it really isn’t a big deal! 

In this post, we share our best tips for preserving your wedding dress in case of an unexpected drizzle.

 Have a Backup Plan

Rain and an outdoor venue are like water and oil… they just don’t mix. In this case, you want to be prepared with a backup plan. 

This is imperative if your ceremony is held in a place with a tropical climate or high humidity level. 

First, familiarize yourself with the weather patterns during the season and also brainstorm with your planner.

Your backup plan should include the option of moving the celebration indoors, so consider venues that offer both. For example, if you’re having a beach wedding, look at resorts where you can quickly move the ceremony inside if rain sweeps in

Not only is this the best way to preserve your gown, but it ensures your guests are comfortable, too. 

Factor in rain gear for you and your guests as well, such as umbrellas or valet parking.

Style in Accordance with the Weather

Regardless of rain, waterproof makeup is a great choice for wedding glam (because you never know if you’ll shed a few happy tears at the alter!). 

For your hair, be prepared to switch up the updo if need be. Humidity can put more of a damper on your bridal look than rain, especially where frizz is concerned. 

Discuss the best weatherproof hairstyles and products with your stylist, with a fast backup hairdo just in case.

Keeping Your Wedding Dress Dry

Now the important part: your wedding dress!

If rain is in the forecast, come prepared with some cute outerwear options. Outwear provides a layer of protection for the dress while adding a bit of extra sparkle to your look. 

Talk to your bridal boutique about shawls, jackets, or capes that you can pair with your dress. These options provide some protection, while not covering the whole look. 

You could also carry a cute umbrella to have fun with the occasion. An elegant lace parasol or chic clear umbrella can keep you dry while serving as fun props for your wedding photos.

Smile Sunshine!

Don’t let the weather rain on your big day. It’s up to you to make it fabulous, and that’s something a bit of drizzle can’t touch.

Remember, you’re not alone, and often times event planners and catering companies have protocols in place in case of rain. 

But above all, embrace the events of the day! After all, this is what makes every wedding unique, exciting, and memorable. 

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