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LOVE Plus Size Wedding Dress Size Guide

LOVE Plus Size Wedding Dress Size Guide

Looking for a wedding dress in a larger size, but don’t know where to begin? At LOVE, we make it easy for curvy babes, with a gorgeous size inclusive wedding dress collection that features one-of-a-kind designs from the industry’s top designers.

Finding a dress in your size might leave you feeling like there aren’t many options, but that’s just not true! Not only do we have up to 30 plus size wedding dress samples on hand, but if you have a specific dress in mind, we can order in a loan for you (if you let us know in advance, of course!).

Plus, we’ll work side by side with you at your appointment to find just the right fit. Arrive at your appointment open minded and you might be surprised. Sometimes brides feel that ballgown styles are best, but after trying on something tighter that they thought wouldn’t fit them, end up falling in love with a dress that shows off those curves and looks incredible. Don’t be afraid to go for that sexy mermaid silhouette! 

Here’s how we help you find the right fit.

When Trying On…

We have each gown in a size to try on. Usually, this won't fit you perfectly, but that’s totally expected. Don't worry,  because we use clips and panels to fit the dress to you, so you’ll have a clear idea what it will look like in your size!

So, if you're a larger size than the sample you want to try on, no problem because we just use a panel to cover the back and clip you in. If it’s a tighter shape, like a mermaid style dress, we always see if it will fit, and if not, we will pull a similar dress that is sampled in a larger size for you to try instead!

In the goal of being totally transparent.. not every gown is offered in the same size range. Some gowns are offered up to a size 34, some up to a 20 and some up to a size 16. If you want to try on a gown that we know isn't made in your size, we will always tell you this first. Why? Because we don't want anything to catch you by surprise!

When Ordering Your Dress…

Many of our designers sizing is based on a European size chart, so the size you fit won't be like what you're used to wearing in a US size. For example, a

size 8 EU is like a size 4 US, a size 12 EU is like a size 8 US, etc. In other words, don’t freak out when you see the number on your tag!

It's always recommended to order your gown in the larger size if you measure between sizes. The size you order is your final decision, but

remember, a dress can always be taken in.. it's harder (and for some dresses, impossible) to let out.

We understand that many brides plan to "slim down" for their wedding. Just remember that it’s hard to know exactly where you'll lose inches from, as it’s inches, not weight, that matters for your fit. 

Some designers offer split sizing, where the dress will be made in one size on the top and one size through the skirt. We recommend this when we have

the option to save you alterations headaches later on!

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