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Love's Same Sex Wedding Dress Style Inspo

Love's Same Sex Wedding Dress Style Inspo

The date is set, the venue is picked and your wedding celebration is in the works! With all this said, Love is ready to help you and your bride-to-be find the perfect dress (or dress adjacent) for the occasion. 

Whether you are looking for something traditional or ready to blow your guests away with the opulence of cutting-edge bridal fashion, Love’s got you covered with our same-sex wedding look inspiration.

Shine in Double Dresses

What’s better than one bride… two! If you and your honey have been dreaming of the dresses you will one day wear, there are no rules standing in the way of two white gowns at the wedding (as long as it’s the brides wearing them!) 

If the double dress look is your desire, there are multiple ways to style each bride in her (their) own unique way. 

One tip we do have is to consider shopping at the same boutique, with the same stylist. This way, your stylist can help make selections that will coordinate the two dresses in seamless harmony. 

Love’s Style Ideas

Here are some of our favorite ways for our brides to express their style and love on the big day!

1. Yin and Yang

If you are both in the market for dresses, consider two different silhouettes. For example, if one bride falls for a boho lace gown and the other loves an A-line gown, don’t worry about how they’ll vibe together. The contrast in dress styles expresses the individual style of each bride.

2. Same same, but different

Let’s say you and your bride want to keep things streamlined with the same dress style, but still aim for individuality… we have some ideas! 

When looking for matching dresses, think about your body and the elements that make your personal features pop.

 For example, if you want to accentuate your collar bones, while your partner is on the fence about that specific look, seek dresses of the same silhouette but different necklines. It’s the little details that make the difference.

3. Pop of color

If an all-white wedding is out of the picture, adding color to your wedding day look is absolutely an option. 

This is another great chance for the expression of individual style. This is also ideal if you and your bride don’t envision all white at the altar

As you soon may discover, finding a gender-neutral suit in the right size isn’t always easy. By broadening the color range of gowns, it allows the brides to match better in the event of a suit and gown occasion. 

The most important thing to remember is this is your day! We want to help you find a style that will match the vibe of your ceremony and make you feel at a peak confidence level.

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