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Make Sure to Pay Attention to These Important Details After Dress Alterations

Make Sure to Pay Attention to These Important Details After Dress Alterations

Some of us have never touched a sewing needle before, and that’s OK! But when it comes to getting your wedding dress back after the alterations have been applied, it can be difficult for the untrained eye to determine if the changes are spot on or if further tweaking is needed.

At One Love, we don’t handle any of the alterations. We always recommend the best local seamstresses to take care of our ladies, and they do a fantastic job!

It’s still good to know what to expect though, once the alterations have been completed. These are some important details to pay attention to.

How Does the Dress Fit?

It’s all about the feel, baby and that’s exactly the first thing you should gauge as soon as you don your freshly altered gown. 

The dress might look good, but comfort is a priority. For example, if the gown is strapless it should feel tight around the waist where boning provides for support. If it feels too comfortable, then over time the support can loosen up while you’re wearing the dress.

Other important dress points include the neckline, straps, and waistline. There shouldn’t be any gaping and areas like the hips and waist should fit snugly.

Remember to Keep it Real

It can be easy to compare your fit to the picture of the model wearing your dress, but this isn’t realistic and it also doesn’t mean that your dress doesn’t fit you correctly. There are so many different body types and dress variations that it’s impossible to look the same on everyone. 

Trust yourself, your bridal consultant, and your seamstress. It’s the dress of your dreams!

It’s All in the Details

The details we’re talking about include hand-done finishes such as lace applique, pleating, or beadwork.

Look out for hanging threads, loose hook/eyes, and unfinished seams. Check the hem to confirm that it is the correct length, that it’s even and the dress was steamed.

The final outcome of alterations is that the wedding dress should be ready to wear as if you’re watching yourself in the mirror on your big day.

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