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Renting vs. Buying a Wedding Dress: Everything You Need to Know

Renting vs. Buying a Wedding Dress: Everything You Need to Know

Deciding whether to rent or buy a wedding dress is a significant choice for any bride-to-be. Whether you’re in a time crunch, trying to save money, or want to go the sustainable route, you might be surprised at what both options offer. Here’s everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

1. Cost Considerations

Renting: Renting a wedding dress can be a good route to go for brides on a budget, with rental prices typically ranging from $200 to $1,000, depending on the designer and style. This option allows you to wear a high-end gown without the hefty price tag. However, if you find dress you absolutely love, it would be a shame if you couldn’t keep it as an heirloom. 

Buying: There are budget options to buying a wedding dress! Trunk shows provide the opportunity to shop your favorite designer and often times there are discounts for buying a gown at the show. There are also wedding dress outlets where you can buy sample wedding gowns off-the rack, with huge discounts! 

2. Variety and Availability

Renting: Rental shops often have a wide variety of dresses, but the selection may be limited to certain sizes and styles. Availability can also be an issue, especially during peak wedding seasons.

Buying: When you buy a dress, you have access to a vast array of the latest styles, unique, local and global designers, and customization options. This flexibility allows you to find a gown that perfectly matches your vision and body shape. You also get the best support from professional stylists!

3. Alterations and Customization

Renting: Most rental dresses have limited options for alterations, which can be a drawback if you need a perfect fit or want to make custom changes. Some rental services do offer minor adjustments, but significant alterations are usually not allowed.

Buying: Owning your dress gives you the freedom to make any alterations you desire. You can tailor the gown to fit your body perfectly, especially if you plan to lose weight. And, you can add personal touches, such as beading, lace, or unique embellishments.

4. Maintenance and Storage

Renting: After the wedding, you simply return the dress to the rental shop, avoiding the hassle and cost of cleaning and storing the gown. This can be a significant advantage for brides who don’t want to deal with post-wedding dress care. However, do you really want to spend your wedding day worrying about staining or damaging your dress? Accidents happen!

Buying: If you buy your dress, you’ll need to invest in proper cleaning and storage to preserve it. This could include professional cleaning services and purchasing a storage box or garment bag to protect the gown over time.

5. Sentimental Value

Renting: Renting a dress means you won’t have a physical keepsake from your wedding day. If sentimental value is important to you, this might be a significant disadvantage.

Buying: Owning your wedding dress allows you to keep it as a cherished memory. Some brides choose to preserve their dresses as heirlooms or repurpose them into other garments or keepsakes.

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