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Should I Bring Children to My Wedding Dress Appointment?

Should I Bring Children to My Wedding Dress Appointment?

Whether it’s your own children or one of the guests attending your bridal appointment has children, the question “May I bring my kid to your wedding dress appointment” does pop up from time to time.

At first, you might think, sure- why not? Babies are cute or perhaps your kids are well-behaved. 

But it all comes down to one thing: you’re not the only bride trying on gowns in the store.

While we love to think of the happiness and excitement of trying on gorgeous dresses, it’s important to also remember that this is also a serious appointment.

Many brides have been fantasizing about this day for years, others might be in a time crunch, or have already been to multiple bridal boutiques and are determined to find their dream dress.

Brides are there examining style after style to determine the most flattering fit, while also taking details like accessories and alterations into consideration. Their guests are there to offer helpful, encouraging advice. Deep focus and discussion are also of the essence!

That’s why many bridal boutiques- Love Bridal included, recommend not to bring children to your appointment.

Don’t get us wrong, we love kids and pride ourselves on providing a family-friendly environment, but we host multiple appointments at a time. Although you’ll have your individual appointment space, children can be a distraction.

In our experience, children also get bored quickly, seeing wedding dress after wedding dress. As such, we strongly encourage you to consider a different plan for the kiddos and let yourself focus on YOU.

If leaving your child at home is out of the question, we understand! In that case, we do ask they are given a separate form of entertainment and remain seated and quiet during the appointment. 

Rule out the odds, think about your child’s personality/ behavior traits, and make the smartest decision for everyone involved

When booking your appointment, let us know about your guest list and any children that will be accompanying your party. That way, we can be ready to provide you with the most comfortable setting during your time with us.

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