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Should You Buy a Second Wedding Dress?

Should You Buy a Second Wedding Dress?

If you’ve heard of the recent trend where brides are buying two wedding dresses to change things up on their wedding day, you’re either there for it or are already feeling the pressure on your wallet.

Alas, remember that buying a second wedding dress is totally not necessary. It all depends on your wedding plan and how you want to make a statement with your personal style.

There are a few pros and cons to going in on a second gown. Here are the ones we consider the most important.

Pro: Comfort

A second dress for your wedding comes in handy for when your party moves to the dance floor, but it’s difficult to bust a move in a tight-fitting mermaid gown.

A second gown allows the bride to be a bit more casual without sacrificing elegance as the day goes on and everyone celebrates.

Con: Stress

At Love, we do everything we possibly can to give our brides the most laid-back atmosphere to enjoy trying on dresses, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a bit of stress when you’re considering styles, fit, and your budget.

Add in the opinions of guests, and it’s enough to make things a bit overwhelming. If you are interested in a second dress, don’t feel like you have to make it a big occasion. We always suggest shopping alone without guests to ease pressure and to trust your style!

Pro: Unique

Simply put, this is a fun way to shift the vibe of the day, announcing your arrival back into the party after a formal ceremony. Just make sure that your hair and makeup align with both dresses for a seamless look. 

Con: Budget

The truth is, not every bride can afford to buy two wedding dresses, and that’s perfectly OK! There are other ways to tweak your wedding dress with accessories to change the look from ceremony to reception. For example, you can wear a detachable skirt or a train with a bustle to pin up flowing fabric. 

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