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The 101 on Wedding Dress Shopping Etiquette

The 101 on Wedding Dress Shopping Etiquette

It’s official! You’ve booked your first wedding dress appointment at your favorite local bridal boutique.

Keep in mind that heading to your appointment isn’t the same as a  day of shopping at the mall with your friends. There is certain etiquette to be aware of to make your special day a smooth and happy one for everyone.

Let the entourage sit this one out. You don’t have to invite all of the bridesmaids and relatives, and don’t let anyone pressure you! Bring only 2 to 4 people that you know will be honest, understanding of your personality and style and has good taste. If you want to bring a small group, but don't want to hurt feelings, tell them the store you're visiting has a guest limit. Often this is true anyways, especially for weekend appointments!

Arrive on time to your appointment. Arriving on time ensures you have plenty of time to try on whichever styles you're interested in! If you arrive late, often there is an appointment scheduled after you, and your consultant won't be able to adjust.

Prepare a budget and stick to it. Discuss your price range with your bridal consultant at the appointment and don’t let your eyes wander to something way out of the ballpark that you can’t afford. Your bridal consultant should be able to pull out those dreamy gowns that make you swoon, at prices that make you smile! Trying on a gown out of your price point can really throw off your appointment if you fall in love with it! 

Take care of the dresses you try on. Even if they are samples, be considerate of the other brides that will be trying them on after you. Gently pull on a gown, especially if it has delicate bead work and lace. Watch out that your foundation and lipstick doesn’t smear!

Prepare your guests. Often times, the bride and her guests are on two different pages. If you know that you're ready to say Yes if you find your dress, let them know so they don't think you're rushing a decision! Have a strict budget in mind? Let them know not to pull a dress off the rack without checking the price with a consultant first. Know you won't be wearing a veil? Again, let them know so they don't feel disappointed if they personally love veils! Communicate with your group and set your standards - this is your day! 

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