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The 101 on Wedding Dresses with Pockets

The 101 on Wedding Dresses with Pockets

Who says an elegant dress can’t also be practical? 

One trend that has taken the bridal world by storm is…wait for it… wedding dresses with pockets. 

Don’t knock it until you’ve worn it! These cleverly designed gowns offer curvy brides the perfect blend of fashion and functionality. Imagine you need a lipstick touch up or another essential within easy reach while you’re celebrating love…pockets give you instant access. 

Curious to learn more? In this post, we'll explore all that pocketed gowns have to offer.

The Benefits of Pockets

One factor this often overlooked in traditional bridal attire is practicality!

Pockets are perfect for stashing your wedding vows, or keeping your phone handy for capturing candid moments. They also free your hands from having to carry around a purse or clutch. 

Pocketed Styles That Look Amazing

Wedding dresses with pockets come in a variety of silhouettes, catering to every bride's taste and body shape. 

Whether you prefer a romantic ball gown, a sleek sheath, or a bohemian A-line dress, there's a pocketed option for you. Pockets can be seamlessly integrated into the design, with cleverly concealed openings that maintain the dress's aesthetic appeal. 

They’ll typically be sewn into the side seams of the dress so that they blend in with the fabric and are not overly noticeable.

Size and depth vary, but usually a small, shallow pocket is most popular. This allows for comfort and a seamless appearance. When trying on gowns, have an idea of what you would keep in the pockets, so you can decide on the best size.

Choosing The Best Pocketed Wedding Dress 

When searching for your wedding dress with pockets, keep a few key considerations in mind. 

Your LOVE Bridal Consultant can guide you through the available options and help you find the perfect fit during your appointment. 

Remember to think about the size and depth of the pockets, ensuring they are spacious enough for your needs. And finally, consider the fabric and placement of the pockets, ensuring they blend harmoniously with the overall design of the dress.

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