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The Best Bridal Looks for a Casual, Outdoor Wedding

The Best Bridal Looks for a Casual, Outdoor Wedding

Outdoors is the perfect setting to celebrate love, especially if you would consider yourself a laid-back or natue-loving bride. Not all weddings have to incorporate the glitz and glamour of a dramatic gown and diamond encrusted tiara!

If you plan on having mother nature oversee your nuptials at an outdoor venue, here are some casual style recommendations to keep you comfortable and fabulous under the glow of the sun or sparkle of the stars.

Materials to Keep in Mind

For outdoor weddings, be mindful of the conditions of the natural elements that surround you. This means choosing a dress material that will keep you comfortable in the heat or cozy in the cold. 

For weddings in warmer climates, we suggest lightweight fabrics- think lace and sheer. Colder ceremonies allow the bride to play around with more material options; such as heavier fabrics, like silk or faille. 

Dressing for the Venue

Your outdoor venue of choice can also give you some serious style inspo for casual looks. Sure, there are no rules for your wedding day, but leaning into the feel of your venue can help you choose the gown that flows with the enviornment. 

For example, if you plan on marrying in a cottage-esque English garden, an explosive ball gown may not fit the bill, but rather a boho midi with delicate lace detailing. For beach weddings, get into the groove of the swaying palms and soft sands with a shorter style featuring breathable fabric.

Choosing the Best Dress Silhouette

Much like the material, choosing a silhouette that flows with the environment cab have a major impact on personal comfort

For example, farmhouse or countryside weddings give you the perfect opportunity to wear cowboy boots with a flowing, off-the-shoulder lace dress. In the cold, a fabric-laden ball gown silhouette paired with a velvet or faux-fur cape turns winter into your wonderland. With garden weddings, the bride can embrace whimsical delight with a classic A-line ankle length gown, giving off the “Alice in Wonderland” tea party vibe.


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