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The Best Tips for Traveling With a Wedding Dress

The Best Tips for Traveling With a Wedding Dress

Destination wedding anyone? Your wedding might be in another state or even another country. The challenge is to get from point A to point B with your dress kept in pristine condition. Here, we cover 3 modes of transportation and key points to pack with finesse. The first golden rule: don’t you dare stuff that dress into your suitcase!

Flying in an airplane

For flying, you can carry on your dress, but pack it in a garment bag- not a bag that fits in the overhead bin. Call your airline ahead of time and ask about the on-board closet that flight attendants use. Usually, it’s not a problem for you to keep your dress there, but it’s always smart to be prepared and get a definite answer by calling ahead and getting the OK.

Driving in a car

Driving with your dress is arguably the safest option, because you have more control over how your dress is handled (ahem, airport security). Don’t hang your dress up from the ceiling handle. Instead, fold the backseats down (if not, just the backseat is fine) and lay a clean sheet over the top. Next, lay your dress (encased in a garment bag) over the top, then cover it with another clean sheet. Make sure you keep the car windows closed at all times.


You might get goosebumps when thinking about shipping your dress to the destination. Don’t worry too much, because the professionals have got you covered. You can also add insurance to your package to ensure you're totally covered. Go with a quality shipping company like UPS or Fedex and require a signature!

No matter how you decide to jet set with your dress, bring along a travel-size garment steamer to safeguard against pesky wrinkles and creases!

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