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The Truth About Wearing a Short Wedding Dress

The Truth About Wearing a Short Wedding Dress

Is the idea of wearing a short wedding dress on your big day calling to you? In the past, anything above the ankle was a big no-no where tradition is concerned. 

However, it’s 2022 and bridal style is as fashion-forward as it gets. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your look- the modern bride is all about showcasing her personal style!

Therefore, if you want to wear a short wedding gown, go for it! It all boils down to what you feel best in. In this post, we give you some helpful pointers for finding your dreamy short wedding dress.

Are You Planning on Having the Ceremony in a House of Worship?

Every wedding venue is different, and with some churches or houses of worship, there may be restrictions to be mindful of. Before saying yes to the short dress, make sure there are no grey areas regarding rules if you are getting married in a religious venue.

If you’re getting married at an establishment with rules regarding attire, consider wearing an overskirt over your short dress for the ceremony, then removing it for the reception.

Tips for Choosing Undergarments

If you plan on wearing shapewear, try on different styles and sizes to figure out the best ensemble to go with your wedding gown. When the fit is perfect, shapewear is an ideal asset, but if it doesn’t fit correctly, comfort becomes a nightmare.

Don’t be afraid to really test out your shapewear by wearing it prior to the wedding day. In fact, an excellent tactic is to bring it to your bridal appointment so you can get an idea of how it looks under different dresses.

Say ‘Yes’ to High Heels

A short wedding dress is a perfect opportunity to make a statement with high heels on your big day! This creates a more ‘playful’ look while elongating your legs for a sensual touch.

Of course, if you’re more comfortable in shoes without heels, then no worries- there are plenty of ways to make your look absolutely striking. Think sparkly, fancy flats, or if you’re having a beach wedding, wear a foot chain for a boho look or even go barefoot.

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