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Tips for Styling a Lace Wedding Dress

Tips for Styling a Lace Wedding Dress

There’s nothing as elegant and timeless as a lace wedding gown. The intricately woven patterns are one-of-a-kind and sure to be remembered. The thing is, how do you accessorize such an ornate gown?

Some brides love all the glam and will go all out with a matching lace veil, sparkly shoes, and the works. But, you can keep it simple and let that lace shine- and that’s what we recommend!

Here are some ideas to accessorize your lace wedding dress.

Minimal jewelry

It’s best to stick to what’s simple and classic if you’re wearing an all-over lace wedding gown. This can include crystal or pearl earrings with a matching bracelet. If you’re wearing an open neckline, go for a dainty choker paved with crystals.

Follow the lace, it will show you the way

Lace patterns typically feature scalloped, floral designs that are repeated to make a pattern. By studying the pattern of your dress, you can pick out the tiny details. For example, if your dress sports leaves or flowers, match a floral headpiece that looks similar. This helps to accentuate the floral lace details while the accessories are still minimal, adding just the right amount of elegance.

Pearls and lace are a winning combo

If you’re not feeling a pearl necklace, there are other ways you can finish your bridal look with the iridescence of pearls. Instead of opting for a fancy lace veil, keep it simple and small. A veil comb made of chiffon or tulle and dotted with a sprinkling of pearls will give you just the right of subtle glam while letting the lace do the talking.

Tips for finding the perfect shoes

Whether you want to make a statement with sparkly shoes (although your lace dress is a show-stopper in itself) or you want to stick to minimal chic, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for the best shoes to wear with a lace wedding gown. 

  • Keep the material of the shoes smooth: The lace is delicate and you want to avoid a rough shoe material that can rip the lace hem.
  • Match your skin tone: Nude or natural shades bring out the beautiful designs of the lace and these colors are always classic.
  • The height of the shoes: There are no hard rules. Consider the length of your dress and your wedding venue. What’s your personality? Go with what’s comfortable and classic- keep the attention on the lace!

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