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Wedding Dress Style Tips for an Outdoor Spring Wedding

Wedding Dress Style Tips for an Outdoor Spring Wedding

Spring is in the air, and with it comes a wave of weddings embracing the freshness of a new year and new life. An outdoor spring wedding in Florida makes sense, after all it’s not too hot yet and there are plenty of beautiful trends to play around with, such as florals and skin-bearing silhouettes.

If you’re planning on an outdoor springtime wedding, you might be wondering how you can create a bridal look that skillfully embraces the elements while still expressing your personal style. After all, you never know when the random cold front can strike- even in North Florida. Let’s dive in brides!

Floral Overload

There’s no better way to embrace spring than with flowers- it’s the ultimate symbol that winter is over. And, in 2023 we’ve been seeing a ton of floral embellishments on the bridal runway, especially since sheer fabrics are high up on the trend watch list. 

Go sweet and conservative with a bodice embellished with soft floral lace and a solid A-line skirt or become one with a field of wildflowers with a skin-clinging sheer chiffon emboldened by solid white floral patterns.

Want just a touch of floral? You can always tuck your favorite blossom into your updo or on your wide-brimmed hat for a boho look

Short Wedding Dresses

One trend we are seeing more of on the runway is the short wedding dress. For an outdoor spring wedding (especially on the beach) a shorter silhouette can be a lot of fun (and easier) to prance around in. 

You can wear striking high heels if you’re a stiletto lover, and really show off your legs. Plus, you can wear your wedding dress on the dance floor without sacrificing mobility. It’s the ultimate “winter is over look” as you toss those pants and boots back into storage.

If you are worried about a springtime chill, you can always have a detachable skirt on hand to layer over your short dress for extra length and thickness.

Puffed Sleeves

Puffy sleeves might feel more 80s to you than modern, but this style is making an unabashed comeback on the runway for spring 2023. Why we love this look for an outdoor spring wedding, is that it is as romantic as it gets, and spring is all about romance- just watch the Disney classic Bambi.

If you’re outdoors surrounded by soft sunlight, fresh green, and wildflowers, puffed sleeves with an off-the-shoulder neckline can really make you feel like a May pole maiden. Better yet, bridal pieces are all the rage at the moment, so you can opt for detachable puff sleeves if you’re worried about the weather.

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