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Wedding Dress Style Tips for the Minimalist Bride

Wedding Dress Style Tips for the Minimalist Bride

As a bride, you will come to find that there are many avenues to take in terms of style. Not everything has to revolve around an extravagant wedding dress, especially if you prefer more of a minimal look. 

With this in mind, minimalist doesn’t mean “boring”. A simple, elegant dress opens up doors to creativity when it comes to the details of your bridal look. One thing to remember as a minimalistic bride: It’s all about the little things.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to create the perfect minimalist bridal look!

1. Jewelry

When it comes to making an unforgettable fashion statement, jewelry is an excellent way to accentuate the bone structure while making a dress go from simple to glam. 

As a minimalist bride, one thing you could consider for making an ‘all-time’ look is centering your bridal ensemble around a jewelry statement piece. An example of this could be, coordinating your jewelry with the neckline of your dress. 

This allows you to really show off any fun necklaces or dangling earrings without taking away but adding to the appearance of your minimalist gown. 

Minimalist brides can also think about funky rings and chunky bracelets for a more BOHO look. Style choices like this (rings and bracelets) are especially nice if you happen to have a dress with a high neckline.

2. Shoes: Let’s get colorful

For brides looking for that little pop of color, bright contrasting shoes are definitely something to think about. When you are rocking a minimalist dress, a canary yellow or electric blue heel can create an unforgettable moment as you walk down the aisle.

Like jewelry, shoes that take the spotlight really make a big statement. If your dress isn’t cutting it pop that shoe color!


When thinking about all the ways you can add a special twist to your minimalist look, it’s time to look outside the box. Shoes and Jewelry are great places to start, but if you are really wanting to make a statement, it’s time to add in the accessories. 

For a sophisticated, elegant vibe, gloves are the perfect unique accessory. These days we’re seeing a ‘Regencycore trend’ surge (think House of Dragons or Bridgerton), which has increased the sale of bridal gloves across various shopping platforms.

Currently, bridal gloves are less Victorian and more modern chic with angelic feathers or pearls interwoven with lace. As a minimalist bride, gloves might be the ‘helping hand’ in an outstanding bridal look!

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