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2023 Bridal Trends We Love

2023 Bridal Trends We Love

With a new year and a much anticipated spring comes a fresh wave of bridal fashion trends that brides-to-be and bridal connoisseurs such as ourselves can’t wait to lay eyes on. After all, it’s been a rocky past couple of years as the world trudged wearily out from the claws of the pandemic, where virtual appointments and intensive hygiene protocol definitely shook up the wedding dress shopping experience.

Now in 2023, we’re happily seeing a return to normalcy in the bridal industry. And even better, it seems that our fave designers are having a sort of creative renaissance. There are tons of delicious trends we can’t wait to share with our Love brides. One theme is persistent: change. Designers are leaving tradition behind and embracing a more modern, inclusive, and eclectic bridal fashion. Here are the trends that really caught our attention!

Bangin’ Blue Hues

This year we saw a lot of blue on the runway, which is a nice change from the pink trend of the previous year. There are so many subtle and sexy blue colors that lend to an unforgettable wedding dress, think blue-silver or a light pastel blue. 

Sheer Beauty

Another stand-out trend is sheer fabrics. Admittedly this is a trend that started to take hold recently, but has garnered quite a bit of admiration from brides, and continues to pick up steam. Designers are getting bolder with their sheer ensembles, really showing off the body with little more than a thin fabric blanketed in embellishments that offer ‘bare’ minimum coverage.


It’s always interesting to pay attention to wedding dress neckline trends, as this is one part of the gown that takes center stage regarding a bride’s style, how she shows off her upper body, and how the rest of the gown flows. This year, we saw a ton of asymmetrical necklines, giving off a very modern, futuristic look. 

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