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3 Common Wedding Dress Malfunctions & How to Fix Them

3 Common Wedding Dress Malfunctions & How to Fix Them

After months of preparation for your final wedding day look, the last thing you want to worry about is an embarrassing slip-up with your dress. 


That being said, sometimes things happen- and it’s ok! A wedding dress malfunction may seem scary at the moment, but fear not. There are plenty of tricks to prep for any unforeseen issues that may arise come wedding day. 


In this post, we cover 3 of the most common wedding dress mishaps and how to nix them.

Stain Shame


Even with the most meticulous maneuvers, a makeup stain can mar your gown. After getting glammed up for your big day, it is essential to be mindful of the possibility of a pesky foundation spot or lipstick smear. 


That’s where a kit comes in handy, with stain removing wipes ready for action. We recommend Clean Stain Remover Wipes for Silk, which is a lifesaver for delicate silks and other luxury fabrics. 


Before applying directly to the stain, we suggest testing the wipe on a non-visible part of the dress (i.e. right above the hem) to make sure the wipe works seamlessly with the fabric.


Locked Zipper Lunacy


Imagine slipping on your dress to find that your zipper won’t budge. Alas, a locked zipper may be the scariest malfunction of all, but luckily there at plenty of ways to eradicate the issue. 


First things first, check to make sure no fabric is caught in the zip. Sometimes, it’s just as simple as readjusting your dress to make sure the zipper is parallel to its counterpart. 


If the issue is a little more complex, come prepared with a zipper lubricant. Zipper lubricants work to help loosen up the zipper, reduce friction, and allow for an effortless zip-up. 


If all else fails, have a small sewing kit on hand. Instead of fighting a stubborn zipper, there’s the option of being sewn into your dress. This doesn’t mean you’ll be permanently attached, but if you’re in a time crunch, a quick stitch job will at least have you secured into your dress as you walk down the aisle.


Loose Hem Mayhem


Weddings involve a lot of movement for the bride whether it be strutting down the aisle or busting a move on the dance floor. Constant movement can lead to loose or fallen hems. 


If this malfunction strikes on the wedding day, an easy solution is to whip out the tape- temporary hem tape, that is. Temporary hem tape is great for a quick fix, because it does the job without the need of ironing or sewing.


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