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4 Tips for Finding That Dreamy Winter Wedding Dress

4 Tips for Finding That Dreamy Winter Wedding Dress

Having your wedding during the winter months? Baby, it’s cold outside, but with the right wedding dress you’ll be warm and comfortable without sacrificing style.

If your hunt for a wedding dress is about to commence, obviously those strapless designs aren’t going to cut it when the air gets a bit brisk. There are many factors to consider for a winter gown, such as the heating situation at your chosen venue and the weather forecast.

Use these insightful tips to help you find your wedding dress as the temperature begins to drop.

Know your fabrics

You don’t want to be the bride with her teeth chattering as she “shivers” down the aisle, so it’s important to pay close attention to the fabric of your dress. Opt for heavier fabrics that look stunning and feel comfortable, but keep you cozy. Some options include mikado, faille, silk, moire, gabardine, brocade and velvet. On the flip side, also remember that it's perfectly normal to feel anxious/excited on your big day, which can lead to feeling hotter than normal. Keep this mind if you're looking at heavier fabrics- you can always go with something lighter and layer up with a nice jacket.

Less is NOT more

A long-sleeve or ¾ sleeve wedding gown is unique and utterly breathtaking against a wintery backdrop. But, most importantly- it keeps you warm! Consider ball gown styles where the skirt is larger, giving you plenty of fabric layers to combat the cold. 

Say YES to accessories

Nothing pulls a winter wedding dress together like a few key accessories. When the photographer is calling you outside for a lengthy shoot, a vintage faux fur stole or a funky denim jacket keeps you comfortable and gorgeous. Just remember to bring your accessory of choice with you for your wedding dress appointment so you can try it with a variety of dresses (you’ll want to keep the tags on in case it doesn’t work out with your dress and you need to make a return).

Two dresses can be better than one

Depending on the heating situation at your venue, you can totally have a heavier wedding dress for the ceremony and then slip into something slinkier for the reception. This will make it easier to dance, eat, drink and mingle. But again, this depends on whether there will be heating available.

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