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All About Wedding Dress Silhouettes: Part I

All About Wedding Dress Silhouettes: Part I

You’re searching for your dream wedding dress, waiting for the moment when you slip it on for the first time. It flatters and fits like a glove, leaving you feeling elegant, gorgeous and special all at once. 

There are 6 main wedding dress silhouette styles and in this post you can learn all about the A-Line gown, Trumpet gown and Empire Line gown to get started on your mission for the style that you feel best in! 

The most important thing to remember is that the best silhouette for your body is the one YOU feel your best in! There are no rules.. these are just guidelines to help if you don't know where to start. The right gown for you is the one that you feel confident and beautiful in, no matter what style it is.

The A-Line Gown

This classic style is popular for its simplicity and versatility. It can be worn for any type of occasion and is flattering on all figures. A fitted bodice ends in a flowing skirt that reaches the ground in a line that resembles the letter ‘A’. This style is perfect for flattering a larger lower body or creating curves for a straight frame. A-line gowns typically do not have any crinoline underskirt, so they flow with ease and have a slight laid-back feel. Some A-line gowns even feature a leg slit, giving a beach appropriate feel.

The Trumpet Gown

This gorgeous style accentuates the curves, flaring out below the hips... slightly resembling the end of a trumpet, hence the name! Many people use the term Trumpet and Mermaid interchangeably. However, the mermaid is much more fitted than the Trumpet! Most brides end up preferring the Trumpet to the Mermaid as the Trumpet still allows your legs some room for movement and dancing. Trumpet gowns are great for more formal events, as the volume on the bottom of the gown gives a sophisticated feel.

The Empire Line Gown

The Empire style dress is another flattering choice for a variety of body types, especially pear-shaped bodies and smaller busts. With a raised hemline that sits just below the bust, the tummy and hips are smoothed by the flowing skirt. Instead, the attention is drawn to the neckline. The fluidity of this dress makes it versatile and comfortable. It’s also a great option for pregnant brides, accommodating a growing baby bump and rib-cage with ease! 

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