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All About Wedding Dress Trains

All About Wedding Dress Trains

Are you dreaming about wearing a wedding dress with a train? There are numerous styles and fabrics to choose from, giving you all the options to score your perfect look…but where do you start?

In this post we break down the different types of wedding dress trains and helpful tips for choosing the most flattering one for your wedding day look.

Different Train Styles

It’s important to consider your venue/setting when selecting a train since each style is defined by length. For example, you probably wouldn’t want to drag a long train through the sand if you’re having a beach wedding!

Here are a few popular train styles:

Sweep Train

This is a shorter train that extends from the hemline down to the floor. Generally, this type of train is 12” or less for a more casual look.

Chapel Train

This style is one of the most popular choices worn by brides. It’s usually 60” long, extending from the waistline. This length gives brides the luxurious fabric that trails behind, however, it isn’t so long that it makes movement a challenge.

Royal Train

If you want to make a statement on your wedding day, then the 10 ft royal train won’t disappoint.

Cathedral Train

For a formal look, the cathedral train provides the elegance you’re craving. It extends anywhere from 72” to 96” from the waistline.

How to Choose the Right Train for Your Wedding Dress

Don’t overlook these little details when choosing your train! And remember, your bridal consultant is your trusted support to answer any questions you may have.

Consider the fabric of your wedding dress, as certain fabrics don’t mesh. For example, if your dress is made from a lightweight crepe or chiffon, then a long, heavy royal train might not be the best match. 

And finally, there’s your wedding day timeline. Sure, your long train is fabulous when you’re walking down the aisle during the ceremony, but what about when it’s time to celebrate at the reception? Consider adding a bustle to your ensemble to pin your train up and out of the way.

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