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Beach Wedding Bliss: 6 Dress Styling Tips We Love

Beach Wedding Bliss: 6 Dress Styling Tips We Love

Whether you’re a beach bride going for a laid-back, boho style wedding or you’re planning on saying “I do” at a chic resort set in tropical paradise, no matter what you have planned for your big day, keep these tips in mind when choosing your perfect beach wedding dress!

Go with light fabric

It ain’t called the Sunshine State for nothing! Florida’s stunning coastlines and amicable temperatures make it a hot spot for outdoor weddings, especially for..ahem..beach weddings. You’ll want to pay special attention to the fabric of your wedding dress depending on outdoor conditions. A lot of thick, heavy fabric can start to feel suffocating and prickly in a hot or humid environment. For the beach, opt for light, flowy fabrics that breathe and allow you to move with ease.

Look at the dress under natural light

The beach wedding dress of your dreams may look amazing under the artificial lights at the bridal boutique, but what about in the sunlight? Before saying yes, check out what the dress looks like when you wear it under natural light. It can change the look and coloring completely, and also change how you feel about the dress.

Consider sea breeze

Unless you want to go all Marilyn Monroe (and if so- do your thing, girl!) with a sudden gust of wind whipping your dress in a mad flurry around your gams, consider the sea breeze when choosing your beach wedding dress. Keep fabrics to a minimum or try long silhouettes that drape over the curves so the hem won’t fly up as you walk down the aisle.

Long train vs. short train

On the beach, sand is the least of your dress problems. From dried seaweed to other debris, a longer train tends to pick up unwanted pieces of beach flare. A shorter train nixes this worry and makes it easier to walk through the sand as well.

Comfortable shoes for sand

The sun, sand and wild abandon of a beautiful beach will make you want to ditch the stilettos. Beach weddings are perfect to let your inner boho fly, and anyways, stilettos tend to sink in the sand. Get creative and comfortable with jeweled sandals, flats or add a sensual touch with barefoot sandals.

Add a pop of color

The beach abounds with subtle, natural tones, so don’t be afraid to express yourself with a touch of color on your bridal gown for a unique look.  Some easy ways to do this is by adding vibrant embroidery to a dress, a tinted sash or a skirt.

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