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How to Set a Budget For Your Wedding Dress

How to Set a Budget For Your Wedding Dress

Need bridal on a budget? If you’re worried about the cost of your wedding dress, know that it’s completely possible to score your dream gown on a budget. 

Though it may seem like a daunting task, setting a budget for your wedding dress may not only bring you peace of mind with the overall cost but also make the process of finding the right dress a whole lot easier. In this post, we share effective tips for setting a wedding dress budget.

Factor in the entire cost of the wedding

Looking at the big picture can give you a better idea of how much to set aside for your gown.

It’s typical that the gown/ accessories will probably account for 10% of your overall wedding spending. 

This might shift depending on the cost elements of your wedding and what you want to prioritize for spending(such as the venue, music, or catering.) 

Once you develop a total wedding budget, allocating a cost for your gown becomes less confusing to navigate. 

Do your research

The next tip we suggest is doing a little research about the cost range of your favorite designers, fabrics, and dress styles. This allows you to see how all of the details might add up. 

Some gowns cost more because of the type of fabric used, level of detail, and the number of customizations. 

Therefore, showing a dress that is 10k for inspiration when you have a 2k budget, might set unrealistic expectations that leave you feeling disheartened. Know what falls into your budget first, and then discuss it with your stylist, who can offer more recommendations.

Attend a trunk show

One of the best ways to score your dream gown by your favorite designer is to attend their trunk show (if possible). Wedding dress trunk shows are not only fun and inspiring, but brides get a peek at a larger range of sample styles that they might not typically find.

Best of all, usually, there are discounts on dresses offered to brides who purchase a gown during the trunk show. This is a great way for brides with a specific designer in mind to enjoy a unique experience while sticking to their budget.

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