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Important things to share with your bridal consultant

Important things to share with your bridal consultant

You got the ring… now its time to find your dress! If its your first wedding, this is the first time you’ll ever have shopped for a wedding dress. You are not alone if this feels intimidating or overwhelming. Rest assured – you’ll have a bridal consultant whose primary mission is to guide you through your appointment, offer suggestions, and help you feel as beautiful as you are. Just like when you go to the dentist, the doctor, or a hairstylist – you don’t need to come into your appointment knowing what to do. That’s what your consultant is there for! They will listen to your dress dreams, ease your worries, and advocate for you if your group members are pushing you a direction you don’t want to go.

Below are a few things you can share with your consultant to help her find you the dress of your dreams! Remember they are there to help you…If you are in a boutique and get the feeling your consultant isn’t listening either ask for a manager or find a new boutique! Here at Love, we promise you’ll leave feeling like you made a new best friend.

The first thing to always share with your consultant is if you’ve been shopping before, how your appointment went, and if you have a gown that you’re comparing everything against. Let’s say during your first appointment you discovered you do not want a strapless dress. Letting your consultant know this guides them away from strapless dresses and instead to designs with straps.  You won’t spend valuable time or energy trying on styles you know already you don’t like! Be as transparent as possible, you and your consultant will be on the same page and be able to discuss your options openly.

During your appointment, always speak up and let your consultant know how you’re feeling about each dress. Remember, we aren’t the designer of the dress, so you are never going to hurt our feelings! Again, you don’t want to spend valuable time or energy in a dress you can’t wait to take off.

Once you find the perfect dress, you and your consultant will take some time to figure out the best size to order. This is an especially important step and if your consultant isn’t explaining why they want to order the size they suggest, ask them to show you the size chart! The size is ultimately your decision so being sure you are comfortable is worth taking the extra time. To ensure your consultant can make the best recommendation there are some important things to share. If you plan on losing or gaining a significant amount of weight, let them know! If you’ve been losing weight and plan to lose say, 20pounds more, it may be a good idea to order a size smaller, especially if you’re already in between sizes. This will save you a lot of money when it comes time for alterations. You can also share with your consultant how you want the dress to fit. Some brides want their fitted gowns as tight as possible! Other brides, even in a fitted style, don’t want their dress hugging their hips or thighs too tightly. If you measure in between sizes, your consultant will recommend you size up/down depending on your preferences.

Remember, this is YOUR dress for YOUR day! You deserve to have the best experience possible and being as open as you can with your consultant will go a long way in helping you find the perfect dress.

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