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Is it Beneficial to Shop for Your Wedding Dress By Yourself?

Is it Beneficial to Shop for Your Wedding Dress By Yourself?

Shopping for your wedding dress alone is certainly not the tradition. Many brides have dreamed of their wedding dress appointment with their entourage in tow, making the occasion more of a private party.

However, in recent years it seems that more brides are opting to shop for their wedding dress alone. And, there are actually many benefits to doing this!

Remember: this is YOUR wedding dress appointment and you make the rules! With that being said, we’ll share why sometimes it’s worth leaving out your crew.

Easier to Schedule

There’s much more that goes into booking your bridal appointment than meets the eye. For one, there is a timeline to follow that ensures you find your dress well in advance of your wedding day, allowing for alterations, etc. 

Then, factor in the schedules of the family members and friends you’d like to attend the appointment with you.

It can get complicated trying to get everything streamlined, but if you shop alone, you won’t have to worry about playing master scheduler while also dreaming about your wedding dress. You can set your appointment on your terms.

You Can Really Get Down to Business

Shopping for a wedding dress should be a no-pressure, enjoyable experience. While in theory it is fun to have your girl gang beside you with a bottle of champagne ready to pop, it can also take the focus away from what you’re there for in the first place…saying ‘yes’ to your dress. 

Anything, from the stress of having everyone’s eyes on you to the opinions flying from every corner of the bridal suite, it’s enough to put you under pressure and cause confusion regarding the looks you truly love.

When you’re alone, you get to focus 100% on what you want. With no one to cater to, time is on your side and you can really collaborate with your stylist to find the silhouette that truly speaks to you.

Your Wedding Dress is a Big Surprise to Everyone

Finally, one of the fun perspectives of shopping for your wedding dress alone, is that your choice will be a big surprise for everyone.

On your wedding day, you’ll get to walk down the aisle and savor the jaw-drops, head-spins, and eye-pops as your guests are floored by your stunning ensemble. 

It’s just you, your wedding dress, and the entrance you deserve!

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