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Is Shopping for Your Wedding Dress Online a Good Idea?

Is Shopping for Your Wedding Dress Online a Good Idea?

It’s no new thing that online shopping is a normal part of everyone’s lives now…a far cry from the frequent mall trips of the 90s. 

It might have you wondering if shopping for your wedding dress online is a good idea. After all, research typically begins online, and it can be tempting to purchase a stunning gown for a deal all with a couple of clicks.

However, shopping online for your wedding gown isn’t as breezy as it seems. We actually discourage this, and here’s why!

You’re Taking a Huge Gamble

Pictures can do a lot to dazzle you as you scroll online. In fact, it’s one of the ways scammers get you to cave in and click. 

There are lots of counterfeit designer wedding dresses online. You may purchase a dress based on the designer photos, but youll get something totally different in the mail.

There’s also the risk of receiving a used dress instead of new, or the dress being damaged/dirty. And if it’s a final sale? Forget about getting your money back if you don’t love the dress.

The Ultimate Fit

Saying ‘yes’ to the dress is only the icing on the cake. Next comes the fittings. It’s important to go into your appointment where bridal consultants can help you with alterations, customizations, and ensuring the dress fits perfectly for your wedding day.

With an online purchase, you’ll have no idea if and how the dress will fit you. And bear in mind that wedding dress sizing might be different than what you typically wear for casual clothes. This is where having a bridal consultant by your side can save you time, money, and headaches.

Variety & Experience

When you book a bridal appointment at a boutique, you get access to a variety of styles, and you get to touch them and try them on to your heart’s content. It’s an experience that is special and memorable, and gives you insight into how you want to look on your big day.

Looking for a Deal?

If you’re looking online because you want to find discounted dresses, there are other options! You can visit an outlet and shop a sample sale, like at our sister store One Love Bridal, or you can shop during the trunk show of your favorite designer to get a discount right there and then.

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