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This is Why You Should Shop Local For Your Wedding Dress

This is Why You Should Shop Local For Your Wedding Dress

The phrase “Shop local” is a beautiful thing. You’ve most likely hit up the neighborhood farmer’s market, pledged yourself to your friend’s freshly opened cafe or know the best small taco joints in town. 

Every small business has its own personality and spunk, bringing the community together and emboldening a unique local culture that can’t be found anywhere else.

When it comes to weddings, staying local with planning and prep has numerous advantages that make your big day more convenient and meaningful. Here’s why!

Take out the travel stress

You may have fantasies of yourself sashaying around Paris, gasping “Oo la la” at the gorgeous gown in a shop window...but do you really want to fly back to France a couple of times for fittings? 

When shopping for a wedding dress, it’s rare to get all of the details right all in one trip. From fittings to saying “I do” to your dream dress, it’s a process that can take a few appointments to feel 100% satisfied. 

Shopping local nixes travel stress. You don’t have to constantly shift around your schedule and spend more money on transportation costs. 

As well, it’s reassuring to know you can trot around the corner to your local bridal boutique when you have questions or concerns. 

Traveling for your dress puts pressure to get it right all at once, when it should be a memorable moment that you can take your time with and enjoy.

Personalized approach

Imagine walking into a bridal boutique where the staff knows your name, asks how your family is doing and chit chats about the latest brunch spot down by the river. They are personalized, in tune with your needs and they are ready to dedicate one-on-one time to YOU. No customer support hotlines, automated messages or being branded with an order number!

When you’re calling phone numbers and sending off emails to that huge fancy wedding dress retailer with 20 locations around the country, it can be exasperating. Shopping at a local bridal boutique allows you to build relationships that make you feel valued and taken care of. You have an experienced wedding support system on hand when you want to check on your dress, try something else, need salon advice or just want to chat with someone who knows the wedding world inside out. 

One of a kind

Shopping local means you get access to wedding gowns and accessories designed by talented artisans. How cool would it be to have your very own look that no other bride will have anywhere in the world? It’s unique, special and a rare gem.Get ready to tuck it away as a cherished family heirloom!

Boost the local economy

When you shop local, you not only get convenience and personalized service, but you help support small business owners and overall, the local economy. 

You’re providing employment opportunities for others in your town and building a strong network, particularly amongst those in the wedding scene, from bridal boutiques to salons and catering to photography. It’s the best way to pay it forward, all the while having the trusted expertise you need right at your doorstep.

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