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Warm and Cozy Sleeve Inspiration for Winter Wedding Dresses

Warm and Cozy Sleeve Inspiration for Winter Wedding Dresses

Winter weddings are in full swing! And while our Florida brides usually don’t need to worry about snow wrecking a ceremony, chilly weather can still make a bride shiver and shake down the aisle. 

Of course, there are plenty of gorgeous wedding dress styles that focus on providing warmth, but for for those fair winter regions, such as Florida, winter brides might be interested in lighter options that are cozy, but don’t compromise mobility and breathability. 

For brides seeking the perfect blend of style and warmth, customizing the sleeves can be an easy way to transform your dress. We love these style ideas!

Long Lace Sleeves

For the perfect blend of romance and functionality, you can’t go wrong with lace. Long lace sleeves are simply beautiful and sexy without being overdone. The light, sheer fabric is great if you want a winter feel of long sleeves, but don’t need the thicker fabric to protect from extreme cold. 

Velvet Statement Sleeves

Introduce a luxe touch to your winter wedding dress with plush velvet sleeves. Whether opting for full-length or three-quarter sleeves, velvet adds a rich texture that can go so many ways, whether you’re contemporary, vintage, or classic. Plus, velvet is the epitome of warmth, right? 

Off-Shoulder Finesse

If you want sleeves, but not a ton of coverage, show off your collarbone and neck with a versatile off-shoulder style. There are so many ways to flaunt it, from boho bell sleeves to drapey sleeves, or statement puffs. You can also opt for detachable sleeves if the weather warms up throughout the day.

Fur Trimmed Glamour

Winter is definitely coming when you choose a dress with fur-trimmed sleeves. Whether it's faux fur or a delicate fur accent, this detail is unique and works well in the winter. You don’t even have to embellish your dress with fur. You can accessorize with a fur cape or jacket.

Knit Sweater Overlay

For a cozy and unique winter wedding ensemble, consider a dress with a knit sweater overlay. 

This consists of a layer of knitted fabric that is worn over the dress. It’s typically made of soft, warm, and textured knit material, resembling the look and feel of a sweater. It serves both as a layer for warmth and a stylish addition to the bridal ensemble.

This unconventional choice is practical, yet pretty, especially if you’re wedding theme is more rustic.

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