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Wedding Dress Alterations: What You Need to Know!

Wedding Dress Alterations: What You Need to Know!

Congratulations! You’ve found the wedding dress of your dreams. The fun’s not over yet though- it’s just beginning!

After you’ve chosen your dress, it’s time to plan for the alterations so that when the big day arrives, it’s a perfect fit. Here’s the tips and tricks you need to know to have a seamless experience and a gorgeous dress that turns heads!

Make a schedule

Experts advise to buy your wedding dress up to 10 months in advance, because it’s all about the alterations! Gowns take anywhere from four to six months to arrive in store, and can take longer if you'll be customizing anything.

Each seamstress makes her own schedule, but typically, they do ask to have your gown at a minimum of eight weeks prior to your wedding day. If you're making any custom changes with the seamstress, such as adding sleeves or changing a neckline - they'll want to have the gown even sooner. Many seamstresses will have you in for your last fitting about two weeks prior to your wedding to make sure everything is perfect.

Don't let any of this worry you though - gowns can be rushed and many seamstresses can get your gown completed quicker. This will of course, incur rush fees that we want to help you avoid if possible! 

Don’t choose a small size for motivation

After you say Yes to your dress, the next decision you'll make is what size to order. We will always go over your measurements and your designer's size chart with you in detail. Many, if not nearly ALL, brides fall in between two sizes on the size chart. It is always recommended to order the larger size.. you may ask why?

Your gown can be taken down in size by your seamstress - in fact, many brides need a gown taken in all over or just near the waist. If your gown were to come in and be too small, that is a much harder task. A corset back may need to be put in, or the back of your gown lowered. We tell our brides never to panic, as everything can be fixed, but we want to help avoid any added stress.

Just remember a little too big, no problem! 

Bring your shoes & accessories

While you don't need to bring your shoes to your appointment to say Yes to your dress (although you can if you'd like!) you DO need to bring them when you go to your first alterations appointment. These are important to have as one of the major alterations you'll need done is a hem - to make your gown the perfect length. Even if you plan to wear flats, some flats have a small heel that can make a difference in your fitting.

Many of our gowns have built in corsets, cups and all the support you need for your day. If you feel better with shapewear or your own bra - you'll want to bring those along as well. This can effect the overall fit of your gown, so you'll want the seamstress to have them to take into account while fitting you! 


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