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Your Trusted Guide to Wearing a Bridal Bolero

Your Trusted Guide to Wearing a Bridal Bolero

A bolero is a stylish, practical, and versatile accessory that can transform your wedding dress into a stunning and unique ensemble. 

But what is it, and how can you pair it with your gown for a cohesive look? We talk all about boleros in this post and how to achieve your desired bride style! 

What is a Bolero Bridal Accessory?

A bolero is a short, often waist-length jacket or cover-up that is designed to be worn over a dress or top. It can have various sleeve lengths, including cap sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, or full-length sleeves. Boleros come in a range of styles, from classic and understated to ornate and embellished, allowing you to choose one that complements your wedding dress and personal style.

9 Ways to Style a Bolero with Your Wedding Dress

Fabric: Complementing is key to choosing a bolero based on fabric. For instance, if your dress features lace details, a lace bolero is a safe way to ensure cohesiveness.

Dress Style: Ensure that the bolero style complements the design of your wedding dress. A strapless dress can be paired with a bolero featuring cap sleeves or three-quarter-length sleeves to change up your bridal look.

Functionality: Think about the season, weather, and venue of your wedding. A bolero can provide warmth during cooler seasons without sacrificing style, while a lightweight lace bolero can be perfect for a summer or beach wedding.

Embellishments and Details: Match beading, lace, or accents to those on your dress for a harmonious look. 

Color Pop: If you want to infuse some color into your bridal ensemble, consider choosing a bolero in a subtle, complementary shade. Soft pastels, blush tones, or even a zing of metallic can be a contemporary, edgy addition.

Sizing: Your bolera should be comfortable to wear, allow for ease of movement, and not restrict your arms. Professional tailoring may be necessary to achieve the right fit.

Accessories: Coordinate your bridal accessories, such as jewelry and headpieces, with your bolero. Keep in mind that the bolero itself can be a statement piece, so choose accessories that enhance its beauty without overpowering the overall look.

Hairstyle: Consider your hairstyle when styling a bolero. Updos or hairstyles that allow the bolero to sit comfortably on your shoulders are ideal.

Drape or Remove: Depending on your preference, you can drape the bolero over your shoulders for a classic look or remove it for a different style during different parts of your wedding day.

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